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About A & S Equipment Rentals

The year was 1972, when our Father, Shelvie Summerlin, Sr. was a residential/commercial builder in Moultrie, Georgia and South Georgia. He purchased a millwork and cabinet shop business from James Parks called A&S Millworks & Rentals.

Mr. Parks had a very small inventory of rental equipment in his Moultrie location. The concept of “equipment rental” stores was still in its early infancy stage. I remember the push mowers, the riding mowers, front tine tillers, a walk behind trencher, pea shellers, wall paper steamers, ladders, scaffolding, 90 cfm air compressors, and jack hammers. Mr Parks had a slogan on his Ford panel van that read “Don’t Endanger Your Friendship By Borrowing. Rent it from A&S”.

Shelvie Summerlin had three sons, all of which were involved in the business. Shelvie, Jr. was running the Moultrie location and eventually purchased it from his Dad. Shelvie, Jr. went to Tifton, Georgia and purchased an existing rental store in 1998.

Then the Bainbridge location was opened up in Jan. 1977. Scott Summerlin moved from Moultrie to manage the store and purchased this location later on. The youngest son, John took over the Moultrie location in 1988.

In 2000 we decided to combine our locations together for the purpose of using our resources to achieve greater purchasing power on equipment, plus increasing the opportunity to share the equipment between the locations. We now have become a store that carries a full line of equipment to take care of the Do It Yourselfer (DIY) and the industrial contractor. Whether it be a wall paper steamer or up to the 125′ manlift. We got you covered.

We had a humble beginning starting in Moultrie, Georgia in 1972 to now a sizeable business, consisting of three locations in Moultrie, Tifton and Bainbridge, Georgia carrying over a multi-million dollar inventory to serve our customers in South Georgia and North Florida.

We have always been asked “What does the A&S stand for?” They would say “I know that the “S” stands for Summerlin, but what about the “A”? Our father would always say that it stood for “ALL SUMMERLIN”, but it really stood for “Auger & Seaton”, the original founders/owners of A&S Millworks.